Demon Slayer

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The Demon Slayer is part of the Resistance. He used to be a Black Wings general until the Black Mage killed his family.

Instead of using MP, the Demon Slayer uses an essence, collected by attacking monsters, called Demon Force. Demon Slayers are the Warrior branch of the Resistance that use one handed maces and axes.


Demon Slayer Male.png

The Demon Slayer’s story begins at the Temple of Time, approximately hundred years ago. The Demon Slayer had served under the Black Mage for many years, and suddenly realizes he had became an absolute ruler and could no longer serve him. He encounters another henchman, Masetuma, and informs her of his thoughts.

A few days ago, the Demon Slayer met the other Black Wing Generals: Orca, Von Leon and Akylum, who were planning to burn down the Demon Slayer’s town.

After learning of the General’s intents, the Demon Slayer immediately went to his hometown and found his house on fire. He locates a locket, with a photo of his sister and his mother engraved, both killed in the flames.

Back in the current time, the vengeful Demon Slayer attacks Akylum, but to no avail. Akylum summons a few monsters, but are quickly defeated by the Demon Slayer. As Akylum is about to make an all out attack on the Demon Slayer, the Black Magician opens up his doors, granting Demon Slayer permission to enter. A Short battle scene plays, and Demon Slayer is sealed in an Egg for a long time after his defeat.

In present day, the Demon Slayer breaks out and finds himself in the Black Wing’s base in Edelstein. He then kills two Black Mage Rabbit Guards with ease. J, a Resistance member who just witnessed the whole thing, brings the Demon Slayer back to their base and recruits him.

From then on, the Demon Slayer is bent on revenge, tracking down the Black Mage for the rest of his life to avenge his family, and killing those who betrayed him.

Novice First Job Second Job Third Job Fourth Job
Citizen Demon Slayer



4 Responses to Demon Slayer

  1. gabriel says:

    he use equips whit w.att or magic att ??

    • kikinblade12 says:

      I just know: he’s a Page

  2. Anónimo says:

    when the Demon Slayer will Return to Maple? i really want one….

    • kikinblade12 says:

      I don’t know, but I think they will come along with the Dual Blade.


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